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PROTEA group is divided into 4 sectors, the first "Protea Records" is a record label and distributor, which also acts as a promoter of Spanish bands. The second "Protea International" acts the same way but with international bands. The third is "Protea Art & Org", portal where we expose different artists and designers and photographers willing to work with gangs and with different media, helping to carry to term these projects. This portal also serves as a showcase where you show the different organizations, shops, clubs, etc. .. To move the scene of our country. The fourth section is "Protea Webzine" where we try to show the public what happens in the international area and in our country, where we find all the news on events and revies, etc ... Protea ultimately tries to bring the international public to the creations of our country, and try to make our country a little more is known what is being done, just trying to attract more public to these genres in our country because we are a little disconnected from certain trends and genres that are moving the international music market.



Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I studied music and composition at the Modern School and at the Jazz "ESCLAT" of Barcelona. I have participated in several punk, rock and jazz-fusion bands and other different projects.
In the 90's I discovered industrial-experimental-noise music. So I retired from the Jazz and Rock scene and I began my experimental phase. In '95 I began investigating industrial and noise music influenced by the leading artists of that time. Two works by the names of "NIHIL" Elementos Electronicos and "Antes de Cain" were edited. This last one was presented at the Experimental Music Festival Sonar in Barcelona.
At the moment I'm living in Santander where I'm experimenting with sounds for my new project VRILnoise, as well as being the image manipulator for "Light Feedback". "VRILnoise" is a project which I like to call "Forceful and Powerful Noise". It started in 2007 and is inspired by the powerfully vital and spiritual energy concentrated inside all the planets of the universe. "VRILnoise" can be expressed as the force of creation, like an extraordinary energy, as the force of spirit, feelings, life and last of all as the force of physics. It also can be expressed as a condensation of the formula, V.I.T.R.I.O.L. "Visita Interiora Terras Rectificatur Invenes Ocultum Lapidum" (Visit the interior of our earth, by rectifying you will find the hidden stone)."VRILnoise" can be expressed as the feeling of humanity.

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