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PROTEA group is divided into 4 sectors, the first "Protea Records" is a record label and distributor, which also acts as a promoter of Spanish bands. The second "Protea International" acts the same way but with international bands. The third is "Protea Art & Org", portal where we expose different artists and designers and photographers willing to work with gangs and with different media, helping to carry to term these projects. This portal also serves as a showcase where you show the different organizations, shops, clubs, etc. .. To move the scene of our country. The fourth section is "Protea Webzine" where we try to show the public what happens in the international area and in our country, where we find all the news on events and revies, etc ... Protea ultimately tries to bring the international public to the creations of our country, and try to make our country a little more is known what is being done, just trying to attract more public to these genres in our country because we are a little disconnected from certain trends and genres that are moving the international music market.



Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Txesus Garate (Donostia, 1969) is one of the oldest sound creators of the Basque Country and is currently one of its top representatives. Its origins are traced in the dark electronica and industrial rock but, naturally evolved into much more personal landscapes influenced to start by inheriting both ambient artists such as concrete contemporary music. His current work is based on textural research both through electronic synthesis and by the use of phonographic techniques in varying degrees of recognizability, resulting in dream worlds of meanings and perceptions. Throughout these years working with sound textures and field recordings and his work is emerging from one of the features that end up working as a sign of identity, the consideration of sound as a poetic form and its graphical representation. By the way, a trail of enigmatic atmospheres and soundscapes, thoughtful, collaborations and contributions that have been published in interesting labels such as Ruidemos, Drone Records, TIBProd, Antifrost, Mystery Sea, Triple Bath and also on his own label Series Negras.

Downloadable soundworks:
 "La Comarca” (Alg­a, 2008)
Rekalde” (Ruidemos, 2008)
Only for aerobic dancers” (Ixi, 2007 )
Single 57” (TIBProd, 2006) 

Discography (selected):

[2009] Crossing TierraHueca ­ 3”Cdr. Taalem; [2008] La Carne ­ Cdr. Triple Bath; [2008] Perrro Verde ­ Cdr. Fuga Discos; [2007] Cliffs under the mist ­ Cdr. Mystery sea; [2005] Huffduff ­ 7". Drone Records; [2005] One side and other of the door ­ Cdr. Series Negras; [2005] Time of Bonfires ­ 3" Cdr. TIBProd; [2004] Kraken ­ Cdr. Series Negras.

Live acts (selected): ....
[2009] Støy På Landet Festival - Selbu / Norway; [2008] Sonikas Festival ­ Madrid; [2007] Guggenheim Museum Auditorium ­ Bilbao; [2006] Kick the Trash ­ Círculo de Bellas Artes / Madrid; [2006] Promenade Luc Ferrari ­ Kontzertu Instalazioa ­ Arteleku / Donostia; [2006] Generative Music Installation ­ Sala Rekalde / Bilbao; [2005] ReDVelion ­ CICC Donostia; [2005] Belagileko Udazkenaren Jaialdia ­ Maule; [2005] 7o Elektronikaldia ­ Donostia; [2005] Festival Aparte ­ Barcelona;  [2004] Coldcreation ­ Living­Room & The Toilet ­ Barcelona; [2002] Con­Mutaciones Festival ­ Zaragoza; [2002]  Ertz Festival ­ Bera; [2002]  3a Mostra D ́art Sonor i Visual ­ Barcelona 

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