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PROTEA group is divided into 4 sectors, the first "Protea Records" is a record label and distributor, which also acts as a promoter of Spanish bands. The second "Protea International" acts the same way but with international bands. The third is "Protea Art & Org", portal where we expose different artists and designers and photographers willing to work with gangs and with different media, helping to carry to term these projects. This portal also serves as a showcase where you show the different organizations, shops, clubs, etc. .. To move the scene of our country. The fourth section is "Protea Webzine" where we try to show the public what happens in the international area and in our country, where we find all the news on events and revies, etc ... Protea ultimately tries to bring the international public to the creations of our country, and try to make our country a little more is known what is being done, just trying to attract more public to these genres in our country because we are a little disconnected from certain trends and genres that are moving the international music market.



Monday, November 16, 2009




Pangea is the alter ego of musician Madrid Juan Antonio Nieto, his most radical and experimental project, which is surprisingly has had more impact internationally, publishing their work in record companies both European Russia, Belgium, Sweden, France, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Spain-and American United States, Argentina and Mexico, and collaborating with some of the most prestigious artists of the avant-garde music world, like the Brazilian composer Leo Alves Vieira with whom he has worked with string quartets and choirs and the Japanese author Kenji Siratori who has voiced his compositions. His music has been included in art installations and the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid or the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires. Juan Antonio Nieto began his musical career in the early eighties as a drummer of Alphaville, the legendary group misnamed 'Madrid move "after its dissolution in 1984 became part of Aviator Dro, Spanish first group to use electronic media to develop his music, staying in training until 2000. With both groups performed throughout Spain and publishes an extensive discography. With the new millennium begins his solo career has been bifurcated into two strands, one focused on the dancefloor Shakermoon (released on Warner) and one to the experimentation and the search for new musical languages Pangea. In his compositions, Pangea used both by computer and field recordings and electroacoustic traditional instruments, creating sounds oppressive and irritating that combined so subtle and poetic flow into captivating and hypnotic atmospheres or Sarah Vacher wrote, "compositions in which , endlessly, pulses and drones flutter changing profile in saturated areas where it is barely room for a pin. Van traveling at your own risk a large panel of rich frequency shines a timbral palette structuring of extreme variety and subtlety. Sporadically, the abrupt velvety texture and rawness sound constructivist approach us haunting intonations that sharpen and enliven hypnotism dreaming. "Almost all of its work is in the network under a Creative Commons license, this way of editing your music is based on an ideology of democratization and open access, universal and free culture. This way of distributing music stops the uncontrolled desire to profit from big companies and their trade impositions that override artistic creativity and free will preclude the musician.


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