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PROTEA group is divided into 4 sectors, the first "Protea Records" is a record label and distributor, which also acts as a promoter of Spanish bands. The second "Protea International" acts the same way but with international bands. The third is "Protea Art & Org", portal where we expose different artists and designers and photographers willing to work with gangs and with different media, helping to carry to term these projects. This portal also serves as a showcase where you show the different organizations, shops, clubs, etc. .. To move the scene of our country. The fourth section is "Protea Webzine" where we try to show the public what happens in the international area and in our country, where we find all the news on events and revies, etc ... Protea ultimately tries to bring the international public to the creations of our country, and try to make our country a little more is known what is being done, just trying to attract more public to these genres in our country because we are a little disconnected from certain trends and genres that are moving the international music market.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009



The project was born on the 1998, by the hand of InqUesT and Blackend with the name ‘Morbid Mind’. With an  experimenter spirit and focused towards electro-industrial sounds; they auto-produce some tapes that are distributed by his circle of friendship, without major transcendency. On the year 2003 already in solitary and with renewed forces, InqUesT, gives a new course to the project changing the name to 'Larva'). Due to the technical, social and ideological change of the formation. Now more involved in social topics and with a more powerful/anguish sound; more noisers being directed towards places, without losing an alone apex of his darkness. In the begining of the 2006 the formation meets enriched by the contribution of two more members (M.L. and Anoxia); what provides to his compositions of major diversity, and to his direct ones of a top energy. The first record contract arrives with ‘Diogenes Syndrome’ at Komblok Records (; who distributes the album in digipack format. The year 2007 starts with the new Album’s band ‘Autosectarismo’; again atoproduced. At year 2008 Larva signs with Advoxya-Records (, for the release of 'Voces del laberinto'. The new cd has been mastered by Jan from X-Fusion.


01. "Voces Del Laberinto" (2008) Album (Advoxya Records Edition)
Track list:
1.-Broken nails (piano version)
2.- The devil inside of me
4.-Deep in your memories
5.-Corroded minds
6.- Coat hanger abortion
10.- Mutilacion interior
11.- Porphyrie
12.- El sol se ha puesto
13.- Broken nails (reprise) 
14.- El sol se ha puesto (video-data) 
15.- The devil inside of me (video-data)
Price: 8€ signed copy
To order this Cd send email to:
Or contact with Protea Records in Myspace.
To listen to this album:

02. "The Hated" (2009) Album (Advoxya Records Edition)
Track list:
1.-El Jardin De Los Desheredados.
2.- Cockroaches.
3.- The Men Behind The Sun (unit 731).
4.- Asocial Society.
5.- Agony Of Mind (Placebo Effect tribute).
6.- Falling Down.
7.- Cry For Life.
8.-Innata Iniquidad.
9.-The Hated (christianne f. edit).
10.- Deformities.
11.- De Miserias Y Rencor.
12.- Massgrave.
13.- Mind Twilight.
14.- Red Meat Taste.
15.- Rotten Disease. 
16.- The Time Is Lost
Price: 8€ signed copy
To order this Cd send email to:
Or contact with Protea Records in Myspace.
To listen to this album:

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