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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Fraktal Emotions

Fraktal Emotions is the name given to the solo project of composer Roberto Gutierrez, who after several years experimenting with the music he decided to begin a project in which focus all their ambitions. In principle isolated and began creating instrumental tracks  after P2P networks for the moment, as was Napster. After receiving favorable reviews, center their efforts on developing what would be his first LP called autoproduction "Seven Dreams". It was the first time I incorporate their voices to songs whose lyrics were written by different dreams 7 friends known by the network. The music of this first album was dark electronica, with a sound not yet fully defined, and rather poor because of the resources at its disposal. Roberto'm satisfied but not happy at all, especially at the level of sound quality, so estubo few months trying to improve this resource. A couple of years later he returned to self-produce their second album, Your Perfect Beauty, which was consolidating ideas, and improve in all aspects their first job, but always a more amateur level. Finally decided to give everything to compose The Falsehood, last album to date, which was assisted by Albert and Rebecca Valkhiria to sections of voices and characters. This is so far his most ambitious album, with their pros and cons, but which indicates a significant improvement in all aspects. EBM sounding more and more electricity, with direct influences of groups with Diary Of Dreams, Blutengel, Covenant. This album was also self-Producc. A present day Fraktal Emotions idle in stand-by, and probably with The falsehood was put an end to the life of this project.


01. "The Falsehood" 2006
 CDr Album  (Fraktal Nightmare Edition)
Track list:
1.Ancient Spirit
2.I don't need this ending
3.The falsehood
5.Old and dark sky
7.Stupid society
9.The Fallen
10.Secret garden 
11.Killer worm (remix)
Price: 8€ signed copy

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